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If a tree falls in the forest

Lately I really like to find a cabin and walk or hike somewhere new when Garrett has other plans. He and Claire went to the Depeche Mode concert on Saturday in Seattle, and I decided to get a place to stay on Whidbey Island. From the ferry as I left Mukilteo, I got a nice view of the tank farm and Edgewater Beach.


The first stop was Greenbank Farm, where I met up with Dale. He wanted to show me the trail up the hill he likes there, which has a spot from which you can see the water on both sides of the island, which is pretty neat. That's up the hill from where I took this.


Whidbey Pies is down there, and we had a lovely lunch. I had the quiche of the day with a salad and one of the soups of the day, which was a delicious seafood chowder.


I decided you shouldn't have to go all the way to Italy for a shot like this.


We stopped by the cemetery where our friend Barbara's plot is. That's actually how the two of them got in touch again after many years being out of touch. He was looking around the cemetery and saw her headstone, and didn't know if she was alive or dead! He found her on Facebook and they reconnected.

During this visit, we could see by the state of the dirt that her ashes have finally been interred, six months after she died. I confirmed it with her ex-husband's sister this morning.

Dale took me to see his house and workshop, then I drove to Langley to pick up some food to take to the cabin. Once again, I ended up with some pizza. That's an easy option but I need to do something else next time. It's just not enjoyable to wake up and eat pizza for breakfast before a morning walk. The restaurant where I got it was absolutely stunning, with huge windows looking out onto the water. I also liked this building across the street and a few doors up the hill.


The cabin I rented was absolutely amazing. The most secluded one I've stayed in so far, and at the end of the road it was on so I didn't see any more cars or people until I left the next day. The gas fire was already going when I arrived, and the TV had AppleTV with Netflix and Hulu already set up. The original plan was to read my book when I got there, but I was too tired and watched the Netflix original movie What Happened to Monday instead. Great film.

It's a shame I was at the cabin by myself and only for one night, as it was spacious, comfy, and had a really wonderful deck out front. And to think I paid less to stay there than I did for the tiny house I rented when I went to Mt. Baker last year.


The Putney Woods trail system gets good reviews online and wasn't far from the cabin, so I chose it even though Dale had never heard of it. I grabbed this photo of the map when I arrived not realizing I'd actually be able to use it to choose where to go because the trails were all marked, which I'm not used to.


Obviously the best trail name of the day.


Lovely woods.


Regular vs. wide-angle.


Excellent morning light.


A little Snapchat humor on the ferry home.


I've been pretty busy the last couple of days and never got around to posting about the walks from last Thursday and Friday, and didn't make any posts yesterday or the day before. And I'm not going to. I've decided to let go of the self-imposed duty to post here every single day. I managed to do it for five years, and only missed a few days here and there in years leading up to that. It's kind of a cool accomplishment but I've reached a point where it's a burden sometimes, and I refuse to be a burden to myself. I might also take a more visual approach for certain days where there are things to see, but little to say about them. We'll see.

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