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575 timehops

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A nap sounds nice (schmupdate)
575 CPO
After a few unsuccessful attempts recently, I finally got a new time lapse of the cats napping. It's a heated floor, so you'd think they'd be there every day, but one of their favorite spots is on the dining room chairs, just out of frame.

It's really dark during my walks lately, so not much to see during Tuesday's stroll around the marina, though I like this panorama.


It was pretty bright by the time I got to the car and the trees were gorgeous.


Yesterday I went to the pool really late so I could get my flu shot when the clinic opened up without having to kill any time between. Strangely enough, a man I know from the pool and his wife were there. I hadn't seen them at the pool, so if they were they, they killed a lot of time before their shot.

Flu shot

I hadn't notice them when I walked in, but as I filled in my form, I heard my name. His wife didn't recognize me, and while he was explaining that I'm at the pool while they are a lot, the receptionist asked, "Oh, you know them?" Then the wife said, "I didn't recognize him with his clothes on." Awkward!

Today I got down to the tank farm for a walk and managed to get home while it was still dark. The hotel down there has some bright lights that face the beach, and this guy almost seemed to be showing off.

Our bathroom remodel is going great so far, but it's still exhausting. The noise and the dust and the smells are one thing, but having to keep the cats sequestered while someone's in and out of the house all day is getting old. Steve in particular isn't handling it well. Or maybe it's just his daily freakouts that I don't normally see because he's upstairs and I'm down here. Oh well. One more day and we get a break.

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Steve is a very acrobatic sleeper.

We had a heated floor in our wet room atone previous house and our eldest cat loved it. One of my cats now sits on the TiVo box when she’s cold as that’s really warm (it’s probably not doing it any good at all lol).

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