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The Three D's

Drag queens, Dinner, and Duvall!

I can't remember exactly how the subject originally came up, but my friend Georgia had mentioned that she'd like to see the drag show at Flavour Bistro in Duvall. I wanted to go as well, not just because drag shows are fun, but also because the chef and owner of the restaurant used to own one of our old favorite restaurants in Seattle. We even had our wedding reception there. Flavour Bistro is relatively new, and Georgia had seen the show at Chef Sean's last restaurant in Fall City, which we'd never made it to. Our friend Christina was down for a drag show, so a couple of months ago, I made a reservation. It happens once a month and sells out every time, so planning ahead is required.

Duvall's about half an hour from here, and the drive yesterday was just gorgeous. Fall colors everywhere, plus fog, and a killer sunset. I really should have made a dashcam video.

Chef Sean kept mentioning that the show would be epic, and I was starting to wonder if he booked a famous queen or two. The hostess indicated soon that it was the opposite situation; two new queens would be performing in public for the first time! That worried me a bit because there was a new queen at the last place we regularly saw shows, and her first show was painfully awkward. A site to behold either way, I suppose.

Dinner was great. Garrett and Georgia had the Chicken Nachatta, Chef Sean's signature dish that's always on the menu. Christina and I had the braised rabbit from the fresh sheet. It was all great.

It's really hard to get photos of people dancing around in a dark room, and videos didn't seem right either because we were right by the speakers. I ended up getting a couple of Boomerangs that turned out fun.

The night was also a fundraiser for Acres of Diamonds, a transitional housing organization for women escaping domestic violence and their children. One portion was a contest to come up with names for the two new queens, the winners determined by donations people would give for their favorites. My name won! That's how the queen wearing white in this video ended up being named my submission, Sheila Blige. My favorite part was hearing people explain the joke at other tables over and over. "She'll...oblige."

I couldn't get a good picture, but I had to try, because the two "new queens" were actually Chef Sean and the owner of a local winery. Sean ended up with the 2nd place name, Kitty L'Tour.


He took his heels off and handed them to Garrett about ten seconds into the song, and his outfit came off as soon as he could get away to change clothes. The queens said they added a layer of hairspray on top of the makeup and it would take a while for that to come off.


We all danced to "Thriller" at the end of the show, then spilled out into the cool, foggy night.


It was a long, stressful drive home in that fog, and we did't even get back until about 11:00. It's made for a long day today, but we had a great time.


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