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This is definitely not the time of year to explore a new spot during my normal walking hours, but I had an opportunity to go later yesterday while Garrett had a meeting.

There's really not a lot of legal parking within several miles of where I wanted to start. I used to have a nice spot up at the top of Japanese Gulch near the Boeing recreation center and employee gym, but they added No Parking signs there. I even thought about just parking at Garrett's office, but there are plenty of signs saying not to. Thankfully there's always the Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary.


You can park there for three hours, but of course you then have to walk past the area where a car jumped the curb a while back and mowed down a pedestrian. Kind of a bummer, but I didn't have enough time to walk up from the bottom of Japanese Gulch. At least, I thought I didn't. The counter was supposed to be installed in the bathroom we're remodeling at 2pm, and the company didn't call to reschedule it until 12:41. Jerks.

The new path I explored was really neat. My research indicates that there was a plan to turn it into a more complex trail system a while back, but that never happened. As far as I can tell, it's mostly there for utility access, and they don't care if people walk there, but they also don't publicize the fact that it's there.


I actually noticed the trail head a couple of years ago, but at the time it had a bunch of construction signs. Once those disappeared, I figured it was just an access road leading to the back of a nearby manufacturer. Turns out it goes right past it and just keeps going. There may be even more to see that I didn't get to on the other side of the creek, but this bridge was covered in tons of leaves and I didn't feel like crossing it when I couldn't see it.


It was a gorgeous fall day but I had a hard time finding good photos. Sometimes in the forest there's just nothing to focus on until you get to a neat plant for a closer shot.


I wanted to follow the path all the way to where it emerges by the house our friend Barbara bought about six months before she died, but there was a huge fallen tree that I didn't feel like contending with. I could see the house at the end of the street so I knew I was quite close and didn't miss much. And of course when I turned around, the rest of the walk was uphill. A landscaping crew near the trail head found a very picturesque spot for their portapotty.


It was a neat trail, but I can't imagine I'll visit it often. Maybe next time I feel like doing a really epic walk starting at Japanese Gulch. Or when I decide to have another look at Narbeck. I parked there, but didn't actually enter.

This morning was a nice long walk at Langus, though I turned back sooner than I planned to when I found a boat, knowing that whoever parked it was surely about to be hunting illegally up ahead. Not long after, I heard gunshots from that direction and was glad I left. Still got plenty of distance, though.


And here are some nice shots from my last visit in the dark to the tank farm.


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