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Japanese Gulch is a very special place for me, and I foolishly stayed away from it for most of the summer. Not actively avoiding it, but in pursuit of time lapses at other locations with better views of the sky. Now we've reached the time of year where it's really dark when I get there, but thankfully I have a route where the light from the Boeing plant bouncing off the clouds is plenty: Up the tracks, back and forth on the access road, back down via the center. And if I feel like it, there's plenty of light on the way out to bop over to one of the side trails.

My timing yesterday couldn't have been better. The runway lights at Paine Field start at the end of the access road, and they came on just as I approached to head back down.

I get very excited when that happens, but also try not to get my hopes up. Sometimes it's just a dinky little plane and those aren't exciting. Yesterday was very exciting. I recommend watching this with the sound on, even though it's quite loud.

I'm so glad Snapchat changed a while back so you can do several 10-second snaps in a row and save them all as one long video for export. It used to limit you to one, and you'd have to take a moment to post it, so it was impossible to capture a whole event like that. The best you could hope for was perfect timing to catch the ten best seconds. A lot of times, people don't put the new feature to good use, so at first I was a bit mad about it. Especially because they took a long time to roll it out for Android users. But now I'm very grateful for it.

And I'm also very glad my mp3 player shuffled to one of my all-time favorite songs that I hadn't thought about in ages, the Rhysmix remix of "Thou Shalt Always Kill."

It's amazing to me when someone can take a track that isn't all that great and remix it into a complete banger. I'm surprised that wasn't already on YouTube and I had to convert the MP3 to video and upload it myself.

In order to get another listen in at the end of the walk, I climbed up to the street instead of going straight to the parking area. That's always nice anyway because of the view of the gulch from the bridge.


Our bathroom renovation isn't done yet, but we're getting close. Not sure if our backsplash tile is ready for pickup, but it was supposed to arrive yesterday. The washer and dryer are supposed to be delivered and installed tomorrow. Garrett wants to finish painting this morning. A knob here, a panel there. The contractor will be back Tuesday and hopefully we'll be done. It'd be so nice for it to be completely done when our guests come on Thanksgiving.

Speaking of which, when did people become so bad at RSVPing? I had to ask one person who marked it as "maybe" to change it to a "yes" or "no" by Monday at the latest. Maybe works for some types of parties, but not Thanksgiving. A friend who had to cancel six days ago still hasn't said whether or not her mom is coming without her! Also had to ask my nieces if they were bringing their men. I can work on being more spontaneous and flexible, but not when china and place mats are involved.

Anyway, the contractor is close enough to being done that he packed up most of his stuff, so now there's room in the garage for our cars again! Great news, since Olga (my car) was looking terrible after so long outside. Those lovely trees in front of our house shed tons of needles over the last couple of weeks, and my adventures always leave lots of mud near the back wheels, plus gravel and leaves inside. I got Olga detailed yesterday, and killed time during the appointment with lunch at a Mongolian grill and a stroll around Mukilteo, plus a trip to the store to cash in some winning lottery tickets. We have lots of food in the house, so while I was there I just picked up some garbage bags.

It was nice to have Mongolian grill again, it'd been 10+ years since Chang's on Broadway closed.


I'm happy to report that the vertical garden is doing great, though I'm keeping my eye on the lower right corner and the next tray up as I've recently replanted those. I need to get a taller stepladder so I can take the vines higher, maybe even up into the skylights. We'd like to commission stained glass for those at some point, but I'm sure it'll be a while. A fence for our back yard is a bigger priority.

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