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I don't know what the deal was yesterday, but the park was overrun with hunters. This isn't an exaggeration. The parking area they use was full except for one spot, plus there were seven vehicles parked illegally by the bridge to the island. I was also pretty sure that the boats I saw when I started out were heading out toward where I recently found a boat just before I heard gunshots coming from where they shouldn't. Because of that, I didn't take the route all the way around the perimeter that I was thinking of doing, but I still got in a good walk. And there was an amazing sunrise on the way back.

I took a lot of pictures, click through to flickr if you like.


At least there weren't any gunshots while I took this.

Not sure why this boat was anchored in the middle of the river, but it was there the entire time I was. Thought it looked cute with my car.


We got four new chairs for the small table because the ones we had were beat up, scratched up, and ugly. The boys loved the boxes they came in.


It was a pretty good food day. I made lox and bagels for breakfast and beef fajita mac and cheese for dinner.

Lox and bagels
Beef fajita mac and cheese

Our new washer and dryer came! The bathroom renovation is so close to being done.



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