christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

An excellent plan

Last time I was over at Langus, I realized there was a spot I could leave my Podo for a time lapse not long before dawn where I could also pick it up as I drove out. There's a fence with a locked gate and I can get to either side of it, but can't go through. Perfect spot, as long as nobody opens the gate. But I never see work being done there on Sundays, so I gave it a shot.

I saw three deer! When they spotted me, they took off, and somehow two of them cleared the fence heading to the right in this photo. No clue how.


The last one bounced around a bit as I passed, hopefully it was able to join its friends.

The clouds were pretty.


Lots of bird action today.

Pretty squares.


Today's hyperlapse, which I started while I was retrieving the Podo and ended when I pulled over to get a photo of an arbitrary, fun milestone.


And today's wet time lapse, which starts with the Podo's lights reflected back in rain water. Pretty neat effect.


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