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Thanksgiving 2017

Our bathroom renovation couldn't really have gone any longer while still meeting the Thanksgiving deadline. The contractor needs to stop by sometime this week for a little bit of patch work, but it's done. And we love it. The pre-Thanksgiving cleanup led to a little decorating work getting done, too, which was nice.

We're running out of wall space faster than I care to think about, so I'm glad I finally claimed this spot for the print Barbara left me in her will.


According to the RSVP list, we were supposed to have eight adults and one child, so we set up six spots at the large table and four at the small one. Even though there would be one extra, it just looked nice. Garrett and I finally got to use the awesome wine goblets I found a while back.


I realized about a week ago that we desperately needed new chairs for the smaller table and Garrett found these on Amazon. They weren't too difficult to put together, thankfully. And nobody ended up sitting at this table anyway since one of my nieces flaked out, along with her kid. It would have been nice to see them, but an event is automatically so much calmer without a kid to watch over.


I just needed an angle that shows how great the vertical garden's doing.


The drinks and snacks area, which filled up quickly with treats when Garrett's parents arrived. We had several varieties of Apothic wines, which are all quite tasty. Red and Dark are my favorites.


It was a very rainy day, but our guests remarked that as gloomy as it was outside, the lighting and skylights in our dining room still make for a very cheery environment. That was nice to hear.

Here's a photo of us with Suzi that Brian took.


Funnily enough, this was only their second time at an American Thanksgiving, and the first one was hosted by a bunch of lesbians. I've decided no queer Thanksgiving is truly complete without some Canadians.

Here's the Snapchat tour I did to kill some time while we waited for guests.


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