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Season of lights
575 CPO
People at the marina are starting to decorate their boats, and Christmas lights at the marina are the best example I can think of to illustrate that I'm just a person who takes pictures, and not a photographer. Photographers know how to use settings to capture what they see, whereas I hold up the phone and give it a shot.


It's a little easier to get the shot I want when the subject isn't in the water and I can get right up close.


The hedges at the Southernmost edge of the marina were all removed but the stumps can be lovely sometimes.


I had an extremely productive day yesterday. First I stocked up on a lot of heavy things at the store. Then I scrubbed my purple hair product residue out of the shower upstairs and cleaned the shower downstairs so I can use it until I return to my natural color. I emptied and scrubbed a bunch of litter boxes, then swept and spot cleaned downstairs before setting up the downstairs Christmas tree.

This was before I added the fence around the tree to try to keep the cats away. And unfortunately, I accidentally backed out of the really cute footage of Sam and Steve seeing the tree for the first time this year. It's such a bummer when you have a great clip and you accidentally lose it while trying to save it. Oh well. Here's another video of Steve instead.

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Is that RuPaul on top of the tree? LOL!Love it.

Awwww - head bop Steve....

That is indeed RuPaul! I wish I had an angel with lights for hands like the one we had when I was a kid, but Ru will du.

I like the videos & pics. :)

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