christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Freezing fog, a favorite

Walking around in below-freezing weather is a little treacherous. Not just because of ice in the form of frozen puddles and creek water. Frozen gravel behaves differently, the temperature can hurt your fingers, and even the moisture in the air can make things slippery. But I still love being out in freezing fog because you see neat stuff.

Aside from the obvious stuff like the videos above, there are some great things I just couldn't get video of. When I walked under parking lot lights, I'd see frozen moisture particles in the air looking like ghostly glitter. And lots of lights around the marina which shine straight up looked like solid pillars of light. And of course all the concrete, grass, and moss was frosty and glittery. Yesterday was one day where I was a little sad when the sunrise started, because the darkness was enchanting.


I figured correctly that the sky would be clear most of the day, so I set up a long lapse of the sun instead. This is a frame every 65 seconds for about eight hours.


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