christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Goodbye to shoe

I don't think I took a photo last time I tossed a pair of walking shoes, but it usually works out to about 300 miles a pair. For about a week or so, I've thought I should toss my current pair because I could feel every rock I stepped on, but kept forgetting by the time I got home.

That's no excuse for today, though, when I saw two brand new pairs of shoes in the back of the cabinet while getting ready. I'll switch soon, I thought. Should have done it right then, though. It was pouring rain this morning, and in the first five minutes of my walk, my feet were completely soaked. I hadn't stepped in any deep puddles, but even the small ones were able to soak up through the bottom.

Goodbye to shoe

They're in the garbage now.

It's strange to me that we still don't have shoe soles that don't wear out. And tires that don't need air.

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