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Later and shorter

The crew at Live in Everett invited me to their holiday party which they held at their new office space Thursday. They provided beverages from Toggle's Bottle Shop and food from The New Mexicans, and to facilitate meeting up with Garrett and my niece Katie, it ended up making sense to visit Toggle's and The New Mexicans before the party, too.


I don't like to meet people at restaurants if I can avoid it, because there's not always a good place to wait. And even if they'll seat you before the whole party arrives, I think it's rude to take up the table when you're not ready to use it. Toggle's is a great place to hang out with a reasonably priced beer or cider instead. That all worked out nicely, especially since Katie can't eat dairy and a lot of what was at the party was full of cheese. Glad we took care of dinner first.

We got home pretty late, so I slept in and decided to walk at Lowell for the first time in a while. It's not a big winter spot for me because it's pretty creepy in the dark, so it was nice to be back.


You might see this formation of birds from the first video in the time lapse below it.

I kept the walk pretty short because I didn't want to be too late getting back, though it turned out even shorter than I wanted because the path was flooded near the boat launch. The battery in the Podo lasted long enough that it kept taking pictures right up until I plugged it into the laptop.

There are a couple of pauses before I left the park because I found a lottery ticket and had to make sure it wasn't a winner. I tried to scan it for a while, but it was too wet, so I had to find the results from that draw in the app and compare. I'm still not a millionaire.

It was quite a busy day. First we had the Christmas party at the adult family home where Garrett's grandmother lives. The food, as always, was excellent, and there was tons of it.

Christmas party!

Then I had quite the adventure at the hair salon. I was there last week to turn my hair silver, which worked quite well on the hair that was previously purple. The rest wasn't porous enough from one bleaching, though, and was kind of gold instead. And the silver shampoo and conditioner I have wasn't really making a dent in that color. So we tried again yesterday. Twice. The first time, was actually kind of neat. All the shorter hair and roots of the longer part because an electric shade of greenish yellow, which was tempting to keep. But we tried again, and now everything is much more uniform, and sort of grey. We'll see what happens over the next few days as it should lighten up.

Just now, Steve cooperated perfectly with this IG Superzoom.


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