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575 timehops

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Last walk of the year
575 timehops
The fog yesterday was shockingly thick. Enough that once I was alongside the biosolids retention pond, I couldn't see the cars on the highway on the other side of it. I can't remember a walk there before that was as dark. This was my first photo of the day, near the car, and the last one I'd be able to take for a while.



Since we go to bed so early, we don't even try to stay up late for New Year's Eve any more. Our friend Stacy is in town, and I had the brilliant idea to have her and her friend over for the earlier part of the day, before they went out to whatever party or bar. Garrett made cheese and chocolate fondues even though he wasn't feeling well, and we had a great time watching bad movies, which has always been our favorite thing to do with Stacy. First was The Room, then Birdemic.

If there were any fireworks nearby, we didn't hear them.

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I miss fog so much. I like the weather down here, but fog was my favorite thing in SF.

My niece lives in SF now and a few months ago, she posted this insane video from near her house on her IG story. It was all sunny and nice in one direction but this huge avalanche of fog was pouring over the hill behind her.

The blanket! The store I used to run just south of SF was next to the mountains, and in the afternoon it was so cool just watching it pour over.

Hello and Happy New Year!

Nice pics, I like so much the first :)

Happy 2018!

That is a lotta fog!

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