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Relax and jump back in

We spent last weekend in my favorite cabin and had a fantastic time. As usual, we set up some cameras to watch the cats while we were gone. Here's the first shot from the kitchen cam just before we left.


Check-in time at the cabin wasn't until 3pm, so we decided to have lunch on the other side, do our shopping, and then kill a little time before checking in.

Village Pizzeria in Langley is amazing. Fabulous food and views, and we managed to snag the parking spot right in front of the door. The grocery store is across the street, which is very convenient.

The original plan was to head up to Coupeville to see if Barbara's grave marker has been updated with the dates of her birth and death. Garrett's parents want to visit the cemetery, but it'd be a huge bummer if we got there and the marker was offsite at the time. So I'm hoping to hear about it from her family when it happens, but if we were going to be nearby, it made sense to check. Until we realized we were further away than we thought, and it would cut into our cabin reservation more than we wanted. So we went to the Whidbey Island Winery instead, which happens to be owned by a fluffball named Sangiovese.


The cabin was wonderful, again. We watched I, Tonya, which was amazing, plus the first two episodes of the new seasons of Travelers on Netflix. I'm so glad that show came back, and am happy Enrico Colantoni was added to the cast. I've always liked him.

Just a pretty picture of what happened in the sink when I set down the box grater I was washing.


Village Pizzeria is perched way up above the water and I hoped to get a time lapse from there, either on the fence by their storage area or the from the window sill. The Podo wasn't cooperating, though, so I just pointed it at the trees by the cabin for the whole day Sunday. Not a lot to see since it's mostly trees, but it gives you an idea what it's like out there.

Speaking of the Podo, I accidentally left it behind. The owner of the cabin mailed it to me for free! Super nice of her. I think she knows we'll be repeat customers again and again.

I've had my eye on a lot of cabins lately and unless we were to live in one full-time, it wouldn't make much sense to own one unless money just wasn't an issue. Believe me, I can see myself living in a house in the middle of the woods all the time, but that time is far off.

I'm also a little bummed to discover that a place I've had my eye on for a while only allows occupancy for 120 days a year. Though that particular spot isn't one I'd want to be in full-time, I've always looked at it as a good, inexpensive back-up plan if something bad happens. Oh well.

It was a very lovely ferry ride back because we ended up on the ramp in the front with a great view. The first shot is from the terminal.


Garrett went to work for a half day when we got back on Monday, and I'd scheduled the day off but told my team to leave any non-urgent requests and I could tend to them in the afternoon. There wasn't anything initially, but then someone we work with occasionally asked if we could help with a test. I was going to be on campus anyway Tuesday, so we scheduled a meeting and I took a couple of hours to start working on some templates so we wouldn't show up to the meeting with nothing. And that's how my busiest week in ages started.

I spent all day on Campus Tuesday, plus a big chunk of Wednesday. The meetings were valuable, but it takes a long time to drive out and back, so the days were long. I did complete testing and release notes for our newest deployment this week, and built those test templates out for use. The only exercise I got all week was one swim on Thursday! Quite unusual for me. I put in so many hours that I didn't claim any PTO to cover Monday, so that's one good thing to come out of it.

Lowe's parking lot selfie from yesterday with a rare low angle because the sky looked cool.


I always hate going to the hardware store for something, because I can't shake the feeling that there are other things there I need that I haven't thought about in a while. That was totally true yesterday, as it turns out. I hate it when people knock on our door instead of ringing the doorbell, so I got a "Please Ring Bell" sign. It didn't come with any mounting hardware, and the holes are small, so I wasn't sure what to use. But I didn't remember that until after I got home, used some nails, and did a bad job. One nail is bent down a bit, and I knocked some of the finish off the sign. It looks pretty crappy. But we want to replace all the doors because they look old anyway, so a little wear suits it. I guess.


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