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575 timehops

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575 timehops
Late in 2017 I finally decided I didn’t have to post every single day on LiveJournal. This was after years of daily posts that I mainly did out of spite for the people who say they miss the site but never actually read it or post anything.

I just noticed the “Your 2017 on LJ” link at the top, clicked it, and found out I did exactly 365 posts last year. Haha.

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Ha! Well done! It's like when you go to the store determined to only spend about $20, and your tab comes to $19.98 :).

I read it Monday through Friday because of you. I had noticed that you weren't posting every day and I was wondering what was up.

Here's the post where I officially released myself of the (self-imposed) obligation.


I had a pretty difficult few months this fall and probably wouldn't have been able to post every day even if I tried. Lots of repetition.

Oh damn, I missed that post (likely I was unwell because I don't read LJ at home). I'm glad you've let yourself off the hook. You should be the boss of your tasks not your tasks being the boss of you!

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