christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Icon challenge

kazzy_cee picked three of my lj icons that she wanted to know more about.

I use the handle christopher575 on just about every site and app I'm on, except Instagram and Snapchat. It was already taken on those, so I'm xtopher575. Lots of people know me as christopher575, and thus send me photos whenever they spot a 575 somewhere. I almost always make them into icons, and between the ones people have sent and the ones I've spotted myself, I have 36 "575" icons. This particular one was spotted by my friend Aengus on a cab. The full sign read, "computer dispatch."

The lj community owlihotornot was fun for a while, but fizzled out. If memory serves, I continued to post a lot of owls on my own page for a while. This was just funny to me because most owl stuff is very cute even though owls in real life are quite tough.

The title of this icon is "butter milk eggs" because this little memo recorder came free with something that was sold on TV, and they always showed a woman reciting her shopping list into it, saying "Butter, milk, eggs." A voice recorder is a terrible way to do your shopping list! I also liked this particular photo of the recorder because it looks like a little robot.

I'm not confident anyone will, but please comment "me too" if you'd like me to pick some of your icons so you can post about them.

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