christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Busy few days

I'm doing some new stuff at work this week for the first time, and it's been uniquely challenging compared to the last couple of times things were added to my repertoire. It's just growing pains, and I'm finally over the hump.

I managed to make it to the pool today and Monday, and did yoga yesterday because I couldn't work anything into the morning schedule because I also had a followup appointment with my doctor, who incidentally, really liked all my current results and statuses.

Knowing it'd be a busy few days, I decided on Saturday after I posted Caturday to sit down and write my latest for Live in Everett. It wasn't originally supposed to be about three kinds of duck soup, but when I ordered the wrong thing for the piece I meant to write, I made the best of the situation.

Thankfully tomorrow, while busy, will be the regular amount of busy I'm used to.


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