christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Easily-lost gains

One of my boring goals is to walk the entire length of the Centennial Trail. It's 30 miles long, so I'll probably do it in nine or so sections. I could easily do it in four or five if I didn't have to double back each time to get to the car. But we don't have autonomous cars yet, so there's no easy way for it to be waiting for me up ahead.

I call it a boring goal because so far, the two sections of trail I've covered aren't that interesting. I've never been fond of overly-long, straight, flat trails where you have to occasionally cross a street and there's constant noise from a busy road that runs alongside. And one of the street crossings was quite dangerous! There are certainly some beautiful houses and farms, but it's not one of the areas I'd look at if a bunch of money fell into my lap.

Yesterday's walk was 7.3 miles total, so of the 30 trail miles, I added 3.65, for a total of 5. The first walk was pretty short because I stopped at a spot that would be easy to remember. I've checked the map up ahead, and thankfully in a few sessions, I'll reach a part that's further from roads.

Interestingly, because it's so flat and I wasn't stopping to take photos, I did 4mph instead of my normal 3. At 1pm, I was at my desk finishing a conference call, was on the trail at 1:25, and finished the walk at 3:15. It was terribly exciting how quick it'd flown by, but all that time I felt I'd gained was about to vanish. I turned the ignition key, and nothing happened because I left my headlights on the entire walk.

My car was free and I love it, but I look forward to the day when I eventually get a new one that's a little more modern and doesn't have the ability to drain its own battery just because you forget to turn the lights off on a bright day. While I waited about 90 minutes for AAA to come (for some reason, the guy's appointment before me just went on and on) I ordered a portable jump starter on Amazon. That'll be nice to have.

It was annoying to wait so long to head home after covering so much ground so quickly, but I have nobody to blame but myself, and mostly had to laugh. And be grateful it was at the end of the day and there were no more calls to jump on. Come to think of it, I still could have dialed in if there was. Phones are so handy.

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