christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Marina sky

With the time change, much of my walk this morning was spent in the dark. The sunrise came quickly at the end and was really beautiful for a few minutes. Just enough time to play around with some panoramas and a new favorite technique I just came up with, where I save a photo (cropped if necessary), save a flipped version, then use the layout function in Instagram to stitch the two together. Here's today's example of that.


It's a little odd to me that Instagram, which is certainly the most popular photo-sharing app, doesn't have an easy way to share panoramas and doesn't support 360-degree photos at all. It's possible using other programs and sites to slice up panoramas into a set of photos so you can scroll across them in an IG post, but I don't think there's one you can use on the phone for that yet. Here's what I do sometimes when I feel like sharing a panorama right away.


That's the layout function again with the panorama in the center and two shots of the pavement.

Here's the rest of the lovely morning.


It's not really practical to try to catch the sunrise in a time lapse at the walk site right now, but I got a nice one once I got home. It was a lot longer than this, but I like to keep them to a minute or less because that's the Instagram limit. I could have shown the whole thing faster, but it was a bit too fast.


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