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I walked a lot this week because the pool was closed for maintenance. Thankfully my sore foot's finally getting better after a couple of weeks. Of course it started feeling better the day before the doctor appointment I scheduled about it. Isn't that always the way?

Between the darkness and the rain, there wasn't tons to see, though.

I haven't looked in my photo album to confirm, but it seems like there's a lot more paint on this now. I love the colors.


That old post-walk view at the dog park. This will get much greener in the next few months.


Over by the river, there's a new trail behind the new houses. I might use it in the future if it eventually goes around the entire perimeter, but it won't be worth it otherwise. I don't really like feeling I'm on display while walking.


Looks like someone had a nice time at the marina the night before I was there.


I hoped to get this shot right as a ripple formed from a raindrop, but had no luck. Still liked the way it looked without it.


Our vertical garden has reached new heights and lengths. I already need to add more hooks and stretch it out more. That's a cluster of ionanthas hanging off the vine hook. I'm keeping it in the kitchen because plants in there do so much better than the ones in my room.


The floor in there is as popular as ever for synchronized sleeping.



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