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Blow me down

When I went to Langus last week, I spotted a small sign on an onramp mentioning it'd be closed Sunday, so I searched for events in town when I got home. It was the half marathon. I figured I'd stay very far away from it, and chose Japanese Gulch instead. That turned out to be a good decision, as I ended up finding some previously-inaccessible passages to large areas I'd never seen before. Thankfully I had my new multitool I bought to carry in my hydration pack; the pliers were very handy for grabbing thorny vines to snap them and move them out of my way.

I feel bad for the marathon runners and walkers, the wind was pretty intense. It was nice to be mostly shielded from it in the woods.

I was able to see water from a spot on the Eastern slope that I hadn't seen it from before.


And I found my way back to this spot, which I'd only seen once or twice before.


The ballfields up top and the newest warehouse building.


What a crowd.

Another abandoned car, bringing the total I know about in the gulch to two.



Had to mute this one as it was loud enough that I probably would have really annoyed anyone who played it unsuspecting. At first I thought I was walking toward a large HVAC system but realized what it really was in time to get my phone ready.

I didn't want to take the same way back down that I took up because of the mud, but ended up choosing a path that was way worse. I slipped in the mud a lot, but it was actually wet grass that made me fall into the mud. I thought I wasn't hurt at all, but three days later my right arm is sore from catching myself. It's much better than it was Monday, but still tender.


Passersby have ruined my shots before, but this is the first time the wind did it.


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