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More change than I realized

It's been a while since I was quite as shocked as I was yesterday. After approaching the loop at Edgewater beach from the opposite of my normal direction so I could set up a time lapse, I left the way I normally enter so I wouldn't appear in it. A lot of work is being done down there to move the ferry terminal, but I had no idea that one of my favorite buildings in the region was coming down.


It makes total sense, though. If that building had remained, the road to the new ferry terminal would wrap around it. Now the road can go behind whatever new stuff they build. Here's how it looked back in August.


Usually at some point after a walk, I transfer all the photos over to flickr, including the Instagram crops. I didn't think to do that before buying a new phone yesterday, so I only have the originals from my SD card. One exception, though. My original version of this was rotated, but I realized this flip would be so much better so I did it in the evening.


I wish there was an easy way with a phone camera to approximate the eye's focus. The driftwood was framed so perfectly by the vines when I looked at it, but I couldn't really show what I saw.


It was a lovely morning for a time lapse, for sure.


Suddenly I like scenic self portraits taken using a voice command.


I thought I saw a large seal, but it turned out it was a dog swimming much further out than I've ever seen before. Dog owners constantly surprise me.


The original plan was to walk up via the gulch's interpretive trail so I could approach the time lapse camera from behind, but I was just a bit from the top when I encountered a trail that was muddy enough to make me turn back. It was still nice to be in the woods. I also couldn't follow the railroad tracks up because a railroad employee was sitting nearby in a truck.


I really wish my mom would have lived to see Everett and Mukilteo. Weeping willows were here favorite tree (which is why I have a tattoo of one) and there are some really stunning ones here.


It's always nice when the flowers start appearing.


It's so fun when things like trains show up in time lapses. I think I need to use this spot frequently.

Speaking of flowers, there were lots of nice ones Thursday at the marina.




Steve says hi.



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