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The marina's so lovely lately, I had another go at it yesterday. Turned out to be a very expensive walk.


I almost always start at the South end but this time I was in the mood to set up a time lapse at middle, so that's where I parked. Found a neat spot pointing at the building in the photo above that was pretty well hidden behind a sign. Well, not hidden, but placed behind it so it wasn't so visible. Wasn't expecting much, but the sky was pretty spectacular.


There's a nice new fence at The Equator now. If you'd like to know more about it, Richard at the blog has a nice post about it this week.


We need to go more this year.


It's hard to face swap with small stuff, and the results are always terrifying.


The marina's always good for squares.


I'm sad to say that even though there were barely any people at the marina and my camera was hidden pretty well, it was gone when I came back for it. I don't think it was a port employee picking it up, either, because my phone number's on it inside the case like they suggested and I haven't gotten any calls. But that's the risk I take. I can't get the videos I want if I don't leave it behind. I suppose I could have walked a big U-shape around that park to keep an eye on it while not getting in the shot, and may do that next time I try to use that spot.

Speaking of the next time, I'm already ready. And I upgraded! The Brinno Pro was available for same-day delivery so I went ahead and ordered it. And then I went to the movies to see Super Troopers 2. Got this time lapse with the Podo from the steering wheel while I was in there.

Funnily enough, I checked the angle before walking away and decided to change it, and realized I almost left my lights on. Not only is that movie theater one of the places I've previously killed my battery leaving my lights on, but I then ran into my tattoo artist Jimmy, who once gave me a jump when I left my lights on during a tattoo session. He was there giving his son a jump. So many coincidences all at once!

The Brinno Pro may be much more Pro than I need, we'll see. One surprise is that you can change the lens on it, and it comes with a wide-angle one. I've been enjoying the non-wide-angle lens on the now-stolen Brinno, so hopefully I can find a replacement lens that's the same size and shape so it'll fit in the weatherproof case.

Here's the first video I made with it.

For some reason the file stopped a little while before I went out to bring the camera in, but that worked out perfect because I liked the second file all on its own.

The real test will be tomorrow morning. Can't wait to see what it does.

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