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I think it's great news that flickr is being acquired by SmugMug because at least SmugMug cares about photos. Of course, I'm a bit concerned. Not about the future of my photos on flickr, I have complete faith that they'll always be there during any site transition. Hopefully they don't change all the URLs, though. I don't care if a day comes when all my new photos have a SmugMug URL, but it'd be a huge bummer if every photo I ever embedded here over the last dozen or so years turned into a big red X.

But I'm not concerned enough about that to do anything about it until it happens. And there's no way I'll go back and update over 13,000 journal entries. So I'll just cross my fingers and hope for the best.

And in the meantime, there's always more pretty pictures and time lapses to share. I brought both of those cameras today even though the sky looked pretty clear, and was glad I did.


This thing looks a lot like the FB "wow" react, but the closest emoji I could find was this home-alone style thing.



I feel bad for whoever dropped their ice cream, but it's pretty.





That dog that swims really far out has a friend who doesn't seem to like to join in the fun.



I used to have some really cool spots with ferry views that are lost now due to construction for its new terminal, but today I decided to find another one for the Podo.

And the Brinno was over by the tracks. I like this spot as it's a very good "hiding in plain sight" one. Of course, I've thought that before...


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