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575 timehops

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All clear
575 timehops
We currently have the kind of weather people here get really excited or worried about. The silly sun worshipers who should probably move away get very excited, and the rest of us are consumed with dread. I hate heat wherever I find it, unless there's a pool, air conditioning, and cocktails. I make an exception for saunas because you can step out and cool off or take a dip. Hot weather is just everywhere, for days and weeks at a time.

Heat aside, the clear skies make for a less interesting morning photographically speaking. Yesterday I left the nicer Brinno in the car rather than hide it facing the water since there wasn't a single could in the sky to the West. There was a little activity to the East, so I put the Podo in a cool new spot I found where cameras should be somehwat safe while still having a good view. But all I got out of it was a glow that didn't look like much, so I didn't bother saving the footage.

Regular photos can be hard when it's bright, too. Maybe I'm just so used to overcast skies and haven't learned what I need to for getting nice photos in light I find too bright. There are occasional opportunities, though.


The boat launch was certainly hopping yesterday.



There's a beach at the northernmost end of the marina that I usually don't walk all the way to, but I was in the mood yesterday. Good day for it. The tide was low and even though this all looked quite muddy, I was able to walk across the wet sand without sinking in.







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Is it unusual to be hot at this time of year where you live? We’ve had some odd weather over here recently.

I'd say so. Spring most years is very rainy and cold, then in May there are a few hot days and everyone thinks Summer is starting, and then it gets cold and rainy again, usually until at least July 5th.

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