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Visit, revisit

This weekend was originally supposed to be some sort of beach road trip with Garrett's parents, but those plans fizzled out pretty quickly. I kept the 4-day weekend on the calendar at work, though, and the time off ended up being well-timed. We threw a party Friday that I'll talk about eventually, and it was nice having the day off to get everything ready for it. Don't worry, it wasn't a disaster or anything. Quite successful, in fact! But we filmed it for Live in Everett TV and it won't air for over a week due to something else that already scheduled, and I may as well wait to post about it until I can share the video.

Friday was mostly devoted to party prep and the party itself, but I made sure to head out for a walk at Langus.



I had some fun with this picture.





The fog was excellent.


Brought the Podo and the Brinno along. The Podo was on the overpass near the park entrance.

I left the Brinno at a spot I've thought about using ever since the first time I did a time lapse at this park. Worked out pretty great!

This is completely unrelated, but one of my stops for party supplies brought me to Lowell and this very nice scene where I parked. The Lowell Riverfront Trail is below.


Surprise, surprise! I went back to Langus again today. I might have done Japanese Gulch instead, but it rained a lot yesterday.





Here's how I showed that last pano on Instagram. I should get one of the apps that slices them up into multi-picture posts.



More of moi.


Since I'm thinking of a real hike tomorrow, I decided I didn't want to wash my gear or get my shoes wet today, so I went on the paved path I don't use as often these days.







Yesterday I decided to point the Brinno at a block of leftover party ice all afternoon. It didn't melt fast enough for the video to be any good, which is a shame, because I didn't check that until today, and because it was still on the Brinno's SD card, it filled up very quickly after I started today's lapse at the park. It wouldn't have been an issue a few weeks ago with the older Brinno and its 32GB SD card, but the one I found laying around the house only holds 8GB. Oh well. A new 32GB one will arrive Tuesday.

I left the Podo behind on the way to the park on a bridge leading to a new business park on the other side of the river from the park. There might be lots of new places to use around there, I need to explore it more. Wish there was more train activity.

After I got back, we had a very nice brunch at the bar at Anthony's. What a nice view. The last time I sat at this spot was with our late friend Barbara the day of Garrett's parents' 50th anniversary party.



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