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575 timehops

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Banh Meetup
575 timehops
I mentioned we recently had a party but didn't want to talk much about it because it was for Live in Everett. The video came out yesterday, so here it is!

The date was pushed back a couple of times, so I had a lot of time to prepare. That left lots of time to worry about it, too. It was so great when the doorbell started ringing and the party began. Everyone had an awesome time and I've found a new enthusiasm for over-the-top theme parties.

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I want an over the top theme party now!

Just make sure you choose a theme you can find a shirt for. The shirt was what really impressed people.

What a great party--you really attended to every detail :) Would you do it again?

I could see doing it again. There are lots more banh mi in Everett and people had a great time.

That sounds like fun. Did the restaurants donate the food or did you guys all contribute towards the costs?

I didn't attempt to get the restaurants to donate. It's funny, I turned down a free item from a business owner I interviewed because it didn't feel ethical at the time and then just a couple of weeks later, Garret and Tyler mentioned on the podcast that they'd love as much free stuff as possible. :)

Garret paid for the sandwiches he picked up from two places, and Lisa paid for the ones from one of the two where she picked them up. That left me paying for half of them, from two of my places and one of hers. I was ready to pay for everything if they hadn't offered, as it was my brainchild and I'd already invested a lot in the alcohol and other supplies. We even bought a new table!

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