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575 timehops

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Not completely floored
575 timehops
It's not a crisis, but we're definitely in situation management mode at work. It's requiring my constant attention so my usual routine of stepping away for a bit in the morning isn't happening right now. I had time for some yoga Tuesday, but yesterday the only exercise I got was moving out of my room. Today? Just moving back in. Being busy at work and at home at the same time is a little much, and I wish I could say it was over, but they couldn't get an installer here for the living room flooring, just my room. It's two different types of flooring and two different crews were going to work at the same time. Thank goodness it was my room that got done first, sleeping two nights in my office wouldn't be ideal.

At least there's an amazing new floor in there!

New floor in my room!

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Is that vinyl plank flooring? Just wondering--it does look great!

Luxury vinyl plank. :)

Edited at 2018-06-01 10:48 am (UTC)

I like the colour. Is it wood?

LVP, luxury vinyl plank. :)

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