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An old friend used to be able to get the cab to arrive by lighting a cigarette. Today, I got the floor crew to arrive by trying on a new swimsuit. After nine long hours of hiding out in my office while they worked, we have awesome new flooring in the living room and at the bottom of the stairs. And since I was at my desk for so long, I got spend a lot of time watching stuff on YouTube and cleaning out my Watch Later list there. Pretty productive!

New floor upstairs

We talked to our newish neighbor for a while in the back yard and mentioned that we're looking to get rid of the pellet stove in the background of that picture. He came back with his wife and they both love it, so once the room is set up again, we'll have them over to test it. We definitely don't need it at all. That room doesn't get cold, and even if it did, a pellet stove would be too much. My guess is that it was installed before the basement below was finished.

We're not supposed to move the furniture back in for 48 hours and that's fine with me. Definitely not in the mood for any heavy lifting right now.

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