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575 timehops

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Tipping point
575 timehops
My feet have been getting sore during walks for a while now, and I hoped that only being able to walk on Sundays these last couple of weeks would be enough of a break for them to recover a bit. Instead, I got back from the walk yesterday with feet more sore than ever, and woke up today with an extremely sore ankle. My doctor left the practice recently and I need to see my new one anyway, so I called hoping to be able to do that today. It's not just my foot, my throat's been raw a lot lately, I suspect due to excessive allergens in the air, even though I've never had allergies before.

The new doctor can't see me for over a month, so they told me to go to the walk-in clinic. They did x-rays and said I don't have any breaks or fractures, and referred me to Podiatry to check for plantar fasciitis. I'm not supposed to walk for the time being. More swims are in order and I'm thinking about a three-month YMCA membership because they offer swimming all day as opposed to the three swim sessions at the neighborhood pool. We'll see.

At least yesterday's walk was really nice in spite of the pain.



The Podo wouldn't turn on for some reason. Probably because I used the loose cable to charge it. Good results from the Brinno, though.


We did Father's Day early yesterday because we have plans this weekend.


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Ouch - that sounds painful. The swimming should help give the feet a rest though I expect you’ll miss walking.

Yeah, walking is my favorite thing, for sure.

This is a good time to get that YMCA membership at least. They just broke ground on their new location so the current one's days are numbered. It's a cool old facility and it'll be neat to enjoy its last days.

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