christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Y so shallow?

I'm really not a fan of whoever designs the pools for the YMCAs around here. The two I've been to only go to five feet deep, and in the one I checked out yesterday, the "deep" side is in a lane. I spent the whole hour in three feet of water. Mostly kicking while holding onto a wall, occasionally paddling across to do it on the opposite end of the pool.

I have six to choose from, the furthest being half an hour away. Probably will never go to that one unless I happen to be in a nearby AirBnB or something.

In a year or so, the new Everett branch will have a much nicer pool than any of them, but hopefully it'll be deep enough to actually tread water in it.

Meanwhile, I've started rolling my feet on frozen water bottles per my podiatrist. He wants me to do it three times a day, fifteen minutes at a time. It's surprisingly difficult since I need to lay a blanket or towel down on hard floors, and that ends up bunching up a lot. It's obviously effective, my feet feel like they've been majorly worked over.

I'll miss tonight's roll, though. We're leaving soon to see Kathy Griffin in Seattle and staying the night down there. I haven't been to Seattle since we bought tile for the bathroom renovation. October, maybe? It's been a while. I don't particularly miss it, but tonight should be fun.

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