christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Table Days

I've spent too much time on tables this week. Wildly different experiences were had on each.

On Tuesday I went to the Korean spa and bought the luxurious scrub and massage package. Completely wonderful. There's always a little anxiety when turning over on a slippery, wet table, but I'm sure he'd catch me if I started to slide off.

Wednesday was my physical therapy evaluation. We learned my calves need loosening and my arches and butt need strengthening.

Yesterday was my second session for the '80s neon fantasy on my back. I hoped to fill in the center part, too, but it was a very painful session and I was ready to stop when the keytars were done.

Tattoo update

We also planned out the size and placement of some other elements and chose what to do next time I'm there.

Since swimming is bad for fresh tattoos, today's my first weekday in a while without a visit to the pool. I took my first walk since the injury instead! Just a few miles down at Edgewater. I chose it because it's a loop route so you can do as much or as little as you like without worrying about walking too far from the car before realizing it's time to turn back.

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