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This came just after my last personal post. Nice addition to the collection, but it'll be a challenge to keep it safe from cat claws. It'll either have to be on a ceiling, or horizontal high up on a wall.


I hadn't thought much about the previous attempts before getting that photo, but then they happened to all line up in a 3x3 grid in my phone's gallery.


I was on my own again yesterday so before heading out to Ryan and Julie's wedding reception, I checked out the pool at the Marysville YMCA. It's funny how all the newer YMCAs look exactly the same and their pools are all ridiculous in their own way. Marysville's is mostly three feet deep, four feet at the center. I can't imagine any reason for that other than efficient draining. Incidentally, I was at the Monroe one this morning and it was either three feet deep all the way across, or maybe a little deeper like Mukilteo, but if so, it was a mirror image of it.

While I was in Marysville, the Brinno was at a North Everett business park.

Before checking into my Airbnb in Carnation, I visited the Snoqualmie Casino for slots and lunch. I could have walked away from the slot machines $40 richer, but I pressed my luck and broke even. That meant my cocktail, lunch, and valet tip came out of my pocket.


Celebrity sighting on the way to the Airbnb!


Here's the cottage where I stayed. It was lovely and had very well-stocked pantry and some stuff in the refrigerator, too! It turns out it's around the corner from where Julie grew up and she and the owner know each other very well.

Cottage in Carnation

Extra chairs at the reception made accidental art.


I almost never take pictures when people are around any more, it's become a very solitary activity for me. I should have thought to take a least a couple of the happy couple, though. Oops! The only one I took at the reception was this one of me and Julie's friend Theresa, who I hadn't seen in over ten years! She said, "Get a picture!" so I did.

Me and Theresa

The Brinno was hard at work back at the cottage while I was at the reception.

The aforementioned pantry at the cottage and the lovely breakfast I made there this morning.

Breakfast at the cottage

That's fresh tomato with sauteed zucchini and onions with a couple of fried eggs, plus cinnamon raisin toast. Both slices have butter and one slice got some of this, which was amazing.


Garrett's still not back from the fly-in, so I took the opportunity to make myself a lunch he likely wouldn't want. This is vermicelli with chicken, peas, and cilantro chili Bitchin' Sauce. That's the part Garrett wouldn't like as he has the genetic makeup that makes cilantro taste like soap. Those poor people. Anyway that's all topped with pecorino romano and there's broccoli on the side. I've found broccoli tastes pretty great if you sprinkle salt and pepper, microwave it for two minutes, and give it a squeeze of lemon juice. Quick and tasty.



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