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Hello marina

My physical therapist encouraged me to try more walks when I said I hadn't since the last one I told her about, so I decided I'd go to the marina this morning. The trip there may also be slightly related to my annoyance at not getting to swim yesterday at the Y. Nobody mentioned anything on the way in, but after I showered got my swimsuit on, I found the door to the pool locked. Guess the lifeguard was running late? I relaxed in the steam room and checked occasionally before giving up 40 minutes into his shift.

Funnily enough, the front desk dude had two chances to let me know about the situation, because the sunrise distracted me and I forgot my lock. On my second trip in, he even said, "How am I supposed to get out to see this sunrise if people keep coming in?"


The sky still pretty nice on the way out.


Before we move on to today, here's a pair of offerings Sam brought down last night looking very acrobatic.

Acrobatic offerings from Sam

And some Instagram art I made while waiting in the lobby at physical therapy yesterday.



I'll never ever go to this because I don't stay up late enough, but I took a photo so I could share it with the #liveineverett tag on Instagram this morning. In case you didn't surmise from the small text, these are free movies on the waterfront people can watch from the lawn or from their own boats!


I only walked half the marina since I have to take it easy, but it was lovely today.





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