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575 timehops

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Cool and hot
575 timehops
According to Snapchat, it was in the low 70s during my walk yesterday morning. Didn't seem that high since it was nice and cloudy.




They're making great progress on this pedestrian bridge.


I was pretty nervous all day because I made plans to meet Garret and Tyler from Live in Everett for this challenge.

Shortly after we chose when to meet there, I looked at the post on Facebook again and saw in the comment thread that they were using a sauce with a million Scoville units! And here I was on my way to eat it. On camera.


It wasn't nearly as bad as I worried it'd be, though. Yes, my nose ran and my eyes watered, but I wasn't in a huge amount of pain or anything. There were a few times when I took a breath and almost coughed a lot, but it was never out of control. Of course I'll share the video when it's posted.

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I would NOT want to eat anything that hot. You are brave!!

Is that pedestrian bridge providing a look out point?

There should definitely be some neat views from it. It's connecting the waterfront to a park on the hill above which is pretty spectacular.

I could never eat anything even a little hot.

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