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I was very much looking forward to a Sunday walk at Langus, but decided to turn my alarm off when I went to bed Saturday night and stay in. This was due to very sharp pains in very specific spots in my right shin and foot. Those lasted all day Saturday and since I had a Monday PT appointment, I figured it'd be best to wait until at least Monday to walk.

Thankfully that pain stopped after Saturday, and Sunday was a lovely time at Garrett's parents' place. Bev and I are the July birthdays and her actual birthday was yesterday.

July birthdays

Hi Bella

I had to remind myself that this time of year it's important to hit the Lowell riverfront trail because it's creepy when it's dark out. Of course there's always something weird going on either way. Yesterday as I was almost finished, I saw a couple on a motorcycle get on the trail. Really glad they were going the other way because I doubt I could have contained my disgust for them.

I did 4.9 miles, and did it quickly! I wanted to be back for a 7:30am call and I was so fast I managed to shower first.






My PT added four new exercises for my ankles, figuring maybe my issues with my right ankle specifically might be because of the fracture on that side years ago. These will be challenging to work into the routine, but I'm getting good results from everything else, so I'm highly motivated to do it all. I've even graduated to the next level of band strength on one of the most important exercises because my original band wasn't challenging any more.


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