christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Damn the overlap

Most of the year, there's not much of an overlap between night people and morning people. But in the summer, there's a little bit of one, and that's why I don't like summer. Among other reasons of course.

In fact my dislike for night people who make it all the way to morning is so strong today that I'm dictating this post while I walk. I drove down to Edgewater to walk the loop down there and there was a weird car parked where I wanted to park. So I figured I'd see if the gates at the beach were open. They were, but I think they were opened by the group of four dudes having a little party down there. I didn't really want to have anything to do with them, so I turned around and left.

I thought about parking in my old spot and walking the other beach, but changed my mind and decided to head up to the upper entrance of Japanese Gulch. It wasn't too long, though, before I realized that the weird car from the first spot was following me. I confirmed this by driving a random route through the neighborhoods.

He finally honked his horn and pulled up beside me to let me know that he was indeed following me because he thought that I was suspicious. He didn't provide much detail other than that last year there was something going on with a political campaign and he wanted to make sure nobody was up to anything.

I'm almost positive that I know which candidate he was talking about. Someone who was running for a position down there had these really stupid signs about how he had a family and his opponent didn't as though that somehow makes him more qualified for public office. Of course it wasn't too long before it came out in the news that his company was in trouble for discriminatory hiring practices, and he was the person in charge of the efforts to stop a mosque from being built there.

So yeah, when I saw that guy's signs, it was certainly tempting to kick them over. I never did though, because it seems like when a candidate is that bad it's actually better for people to get constant reminders about him.

Anyway, the guy in the weird car told me that as soon as I rolled down my window, he could see that I was trustworthy. Read into that what you will. I've chosen to read into it that he's a racist and that I look trustworthy because I'm white. This would makes sense if it's the same candidate's signs from last year that he's worried about.

So now I'm walking and talking and keeping an eye on the clock because I lost a pretty big chunk of time to all that foolishness.

On Wednesday I walked farther than I have since the plantar fasciitis set in, and it would have been a pretty great walk, but one of my shoes was defective. The back of it was digging into my heel the whole time, and I ended up with a blister which thankfully is most of the way better already. At least nothing weird happened during that walk.

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