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575 timehops

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Glad it works
575 timehops
Yesterday I did over 5 miles at the island and am feeling no pain at all today. I don't take this as a sign that I can stop physical therapy, though. It means that I should keep at it. I can feel new definition in my thighs and glutes, too, which is awesome.

Too bad it was such a clear morning. I left the Brinno in a spot I've never tried before, but there really wasn't anything to see. This was my first time on the island in a while since lately I've preferred to head North toward the slough, and it was lovely to see it again. Too bad I couldn't do a complete loop thanks to the overgrown trail. Same thing with the hunting trail, I didn't get very far because it wasn't worth fighting the vines.


Since I Haven't been there in a while, I forgot the mosquito repellent. While being attacked by mosquitoes is one of the only times I'll pull my hood up, because I think I look a bit too much like something you may have seen in Zardoz if you also love bad movies.


On the way back to the car, I realized the gate that stops people from driving North along the route I like to walk most of the time was open. This was my first time seeing it open and I really wished I'd gone that way because I bet there's a new phase of construction or something.


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"Zardoz" is one of my favorite old weird movies, although I wouldn't have noticed the resemblance if you hadn't pointed it out! :)

The red diaper with bandoliers is much more recognizable.

Zardoz is such a bad movie! LOL!!

I have those fluffy pink flowers in the first photo in my garden. The bees and butterflies love them.

Great photos!

I never saw Zardoz.

You should watch it! It's...really something.

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