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575 timehops

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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You have to have a strategy
575 timehops
I wanted to draw some attention to Fuego Cocktail Lounge because it's a nice little bar in downtown Everett and as far as I know is currently the only place to dance at all now that the gay bar is gone. They posted about this hot wing challenge on their Facebook and I thought that'd make a great episode of Live in Everett TV.

We did it a few weeks ago, but they're a couple of weeks ahead in their production schedule, so it came out Monday.

That was quite an experience. Thankfully it wasn't a crying-while-nose-runs kind of hot, but I certainly felt as though time was speeding up and that I might not make it. One of those scary "am I about to have a coughing fit?" moments made a nice new profile picture.


And of course I had to get a screenshot of this.


Live in Everett is now on Patreon and I'm an upper-level patron, of course. Please consider throwing a few dollars a month their way if you use Patreon!

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Whoa! Congratulations! I couldn't do it at ALL.....!!!!

Maybe you could using my five prong strategy.

I think I'd rather just skip to the white Russian ;)

I love your videos. I didn't know the gay bar shut down. Was it the only one in Everett??

Yeah, it was Bar Myx, and they moved into a three-story building and were working on having a different theme on each floor. That was called Trilogy and it didn't last long enough for the basement level to even open.

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