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Timing is everything

Garrett goes to the Abbotsford Airshow every year and a few years ago I realized I should also do stuff that same weekend. Two years ago, I rented a tiny house and attempted to hike the Chain Lakes Loop trail at Mt. Baker.


By "attempted" I mean I took a wrong turn and accidentally climbed Table Mountain instead. Still a great hike and still awesome views, but I pressed on much further than I would have if I knew where I was. Since I thought I was on the loop, I thought I should keep going, so I kept climbing until the end.


Last year I got a tiny condo much closer to Mt. Baker. In fact, it was across the parking lot from the last restaurant on the road that leads there. That time, I found the trail, but didn't last too long thanks to wildfire smoke.


Managed to at least get a nice time lapse from a spot at the parking lot without the camera getting swiped.

That brings us to this year and this week. My only walk since Thursday was yesterday and my right ankle is very sore and stiff now.


I can never resist posing with stuff like this.


I don't know if I'll walk tomorrow, but I have an early physical therapy appointment in the morning, and leave for my condo on Friday. This time I rented it for two nights because I always have hated having to go straight home after a hike because I'd already checked out. The plan this time was to enjoy the pool and hot tub for a while and then go out to dinner because I have another full night. But now, I'm not attempting the Chain Lakes Loop. It's eight miles and I haven't come anywhere close to that in a while, and a remote mountain trail definitely isn't the place to push it.

There's a short little hike I can try near my condo so I'll bring my stuff, but I think I'll do that really early and spend some time exploring the area. I've been looking at real estate listings up there for a while and have been amazed at the opportunities, but photos online can only show so much. I'll probably also pop by a casino and check out some restaurants. It's a little disappointing that I can't do what I originally set out to, but at least I've got the weekend to enjoy and have some fun.


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