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Full day

Yesterday was so great! My old friend Traci came to see a concert in Seattle tonight and is staying with my other friend Lisa, her half sister. They came to Everett first thing yesterday and I drove us all to Langus Riverfront Park and Spencer Island, where we walked five miles in the fog. And thankfully it was actually fog, as the air quality has been so bad that it was my first walk since Monday. While we were there I discovered that the center area they've been digging out to become a salmon habitat is now flooded! It was weird to see water where roads used to be, and it'll be interesting to see if it stays flooded year round. If so, I'll definitely miss the land, it was a lot of fun exploring it this year.

Traci and Lisa got a treat, there were tons of really neat spiderwebs made visible by the fog.


Lots of heron sightings, too.


One of the oddest pieces of litter I've found. I picked it up to throw away. Of course, I forgot it in my hoodie pocket and carried it around for way too long.



After the walk, I drove them around a bit on the way home. Howarth Park beach, the site where our new airport will be, Mukilteo, Forest Park, and then finally back home. They caught up with Garrett while I showered and then we all went for brunch. After that, we tried to stop by the Funko block party, but all we really wanted to do there was see the store, and the line to get in was way too long. So, back to the car, and off to the Fresh Paint arts festival with a stop at Bluewater Organic Distillery on the way. Both were very nice.

I definitely like when a busy day like that is on Saturday, it's pretty great to still have all day Sunday to hang out at home.


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