christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Happy Trails to You

I got an email recently from Live in Everett asking what I thought about several ideas they had for me to write about, and ended up with a couple of assignments. One's food related, just have to make the trip out there to check the place out. I was completely prepared for the other, a series of pieces about places to walk and hike around Everett! I chose Japanese Gulch first, which should come as no surprise.

It was really quite easy to sit and write that piece the same day, since all I had to do was type out a lot of the things I think about when I'm there. The harder part was choosing which photos to share from my huge album.

I told them it's a lot easier for me to write stuff than it is to decide what to write about, so I'm glad to be tasked with a series that'll net me several pieces.

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