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575 timehops

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Happy Trails to You
575 timehops
I got an email recently from Live in Everett asking what I thought about several ideas they had for me to write about, and ended up with a couple of assignments. One's food related, just have to make the trip out there to check the place out. I was completely prepared for the other, a series of pieces about places to walk and hike around Everett! I chose Japanese Gulch first, which should come as no surprise.

It was really quite easy to sit and write that piece the same day, since all I had to do was type out a lot of the things I think about when I'm there. The harder part was choosing which photos to share from my huge album.

I told them it's a lot easier for me to write stuff than it is to decide what to write about, so I'm glad to be tasked with a series that'll net me several pieces.

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What a nice article---I do like it that you go over the "basics"
(bring water!) Very well done :)

Thank you! That was based on mistakes I made when I first started going. Both the water thing and the part about being careful where you go in case you end up just having to turn back and do it all over. I had a very scary day there early on. :)

Good to write about what you know. Choosing photos must have been really hard though especially for the different seasons. I hope you included some foggy ones ;)

Japanese Gulch rarely gets any fog in my experience. I think I've seen fog there once in all the times I've gone!

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