christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Long walk-end

I love a holiday weekend with just enough stuff to do.

We had plans for a party on Saturday and thankfully when my brother's daughter who came for a visit suggested getting together, the host said it was ok to invite them along. The party even happened to be about halfway between our respective homes! My pinwheels were a hit. I think everyone should make signs when they bring stuff for a potluck.


A rare photo of my brother and quick video of Teddy the dog from the party.


Sunday morning was gorgeous out at Langus. Versions of some of these photos got a lot of attention on the cloud group I'm ad admin of.


Monday was a nice walk at Japanese Gulch. I didn't take a lot of photos but the time lapse with the view of the Boeing plant is pretty neat. I also started experimenting with overhead panoramas, which are extremely difficult.


It's sure hard to find a brunch on a Monday holiday. The only places to go are the ones that do breakfast food every day, and we didn't feel like any of those, so we settled on lunch at Scuttlebutt. Garrett had a craving for oyster crackers, so I took him on his first trip to a Cash & Carry, which if you aren't familiar, is a restaurant supply store. They're fun, but of course the quantities are large and you can't really buy most of the stuff unless you're obsessed with it or actually own a restaurant. We won't run out of oyster crackers for a while.


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