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Slammin' for salmon

The first really dark walk at any destination each year is always weird. It happens every year, of course, but there's just no preparing for the sudden onset. Especially this year because as I pulled into the park on Sunday, a car was pulling out, and two more were parked between my parking spot and the place where the trail heading North splits from the main road. I still didn't run into anyone during the walk, but the entire time on the way heading out, I felt like I might.


I recently mentioned that the large loop trail around the area they've been digging out to be a salmon spawning habitat was getting smaller. The West side of the loop got a fence with a No Trespassing sign, and this trip out I was shocked to find the East end of the road is now gone. That's not an exaggeration at all. There were two backhoes on the road and they'd been recently used to dig out the road. I quit sharing the maps ages ago, but here's an easy way to show what's become of the large loop.

You used to be able to walk all the way up to the slough, plus explore all the land in the middle. I used to think I was going there too much, but now I'm glad I explored all of that while I could!

The good thing with this change is all the beautiful reflections on the new bodies of water.


And it remains the best spot for pictures of the sky.



We went to Harvey's for breakfast after and were delighted to find a new build-your-own bloody Mary bar! My favorite part was the hard boiled eggs in vinegar. I joked that one could easily skip ordering breakfast as there's plenty of food to put in your drinks.

New build-your-own bloody Mary bar at Harvey's

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