christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Last Friday's food and fun

I did a lot last Friday that I haven't blogged about yet, because I wanted the Live in Everett blog post about it to come out first. If you know the way I write and you've been paying attention to actual events, you might spot immediately that the intro was edited quite heavily. I suppose that's always an issue when you're writing for another publication. Even though I've come to expect it since the latest editor took over, it's still a bit of a bummer, mainly because whenever anyone tells me they like what I write, they always say it's because of my simple style and personal stories. When my comic failures as a hiker get cut out and I sound better at it than I really am, it just feels like a little bit of that gets lost.

The bright side is that the next piece I need to write isn't one I connected with very much, but now I don't feel as obligated to try to start off with that, so that makes it a little easier to plan.

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