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Vacation begins

Tuesday was my last day at work for a week, and we left Wednesday for a couple of nights in Moclips. It's a perfect place to get away because there's really nothing there but a huge beach. On the road up above the beach, there's exactly one store.


The beach has a resort, where we stayed, and some houses. It's pretty great. I got a few time lapses, but the one from the first night was the coolest.

The resort's in a neat spot where the beach ends at a river outlet, and has trails through the woods that lead to the river. It's really fun to explore that area on the way to the beach.


Here's a view of the resort from the beach. We had the top floor unit on the left, which has a wraparound deck. Very spacious, excellent views, really the only drawback is that you have to go through the bedroom to get to the bathroom. If you're into digging for clams, this resort is ideal. You can tell when you're on the beach that you're surrounded by thousands of them just below the surface, and there's a whole clam shack set up for cleaning them. Not really our thing, but neat for those who want it.



The view from the corner of the condo.


We took the scenic, non-freeway route back so we could pop by the same casino I visited on my way back from Port Angeles that time I spent the night on the sailboat. Unfortunately, the restaurant and buffet were closed. I'd hoped for a fancy lunch there, but had to settle for something in the cafe. But! I played yet another version of my favorite Buffalo slot machine, and did great! I was down to about $18 from $60 put in, but right when Garrett found me, I got the coin combination that unlocks automatic free games, and those kept spawning more free ones. All told, it played through 55 free games on its own, and I climbed from $18 to over $126. I decided I'd play one more max bet spin ($6) and when that didn't win, I cashed out, doubling my original amount. That easily paid for lunch and our ferry crossing, where I took one of my new favorite photos.


We took a whole week off but don't have any plans for the rest of the days until I return to work Wednesday. This was a much-needed break. The vacation made me realize work's been really crazy since we got back from the last vacation, and it's been a long time since I had a hectic half year. Thankfully we're moving into a new phase on that project at work, and things should improve a lot. Maybe not right when I get back, but soon.

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