christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Goodbye, moon. Hello, Zab!

Coming back to work on Wednesday after a week off, I was prepared to spend the whole day catching up, but managed to blaze through almost 200 emails in 67 minutes. Thankfully my boss needs to cover much of what I do if I'm not there so it can't really pile up. That allowed me to pop out to the marina for a walk. It was foggy there, which doesn't happen often. The fog comes from the valley West of downtown and can't usually make it up and over the hill downtown is on to flow into the Marina to the East. Glad there was a bright, full moon, otherwise there really wouldn't have been a reason to make a video.


I've wanted to try Zab Thai for a while, but it's in the South end of town along with a lot of other places to try, so it kept getting put off. Lisa wanted to meet up for lunch Thursday and told me to choose the spot, and since she lives even further South, it was the perfect time to try it. Check out this gorgeous appetizer platter we shared.


We also each had a lunch special, so I was nice and full and burping tasty Thai spices all afternoon.

Yesterday was another tattoo session on my back. We added a lot of '80s decorative elements around the DeLorean and colored in the sun between the keytars. I'll get photos when the swelling goes down.

I noticed this morning that the tattoo comes quite close to the top of my butt crack. Made me laugh.

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