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575 timehops

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Face update
575 timehops
Forgot to put this in the last post. My beard was getting pretty big and I took off enough that I had to pop the guard off my clipper to empty it. One thing that's really great about the cordless, waterproof clipper I use is that instead of a different guard for each length, there's just one, and it mounts to a sliding clamp to adjust the length.

Of course, when you put it back on, it goes back down to the shortest setting, and you have to remember to dial it back up. I forgot, took it a huge chunk out of my mustache, and had to take the whole thing down to stubble.


I don't hate the way it looks, but it's definitely weird to see so much of my upper lip area. I feel like I should be smoking a cigar in gay porn.

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I have totally done the same thing with my clippers! Oh well. It will grow back. And in the meantime, you look like you are auditioning for a role in a Lincoln play.

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