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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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575 sconce
This week! All walk, no talk.

Here are some photos of the results of the latest tattoo session. Sun colored in between the keytars, shapes added and colored in around the DeLorean.

tattoo update
tattoo update

That was on Friday.

My coworker Tammy invited me to SnoHomo Bingo Saturday night and even picked me up since I live on the way! The theme was pajamas because they were doing a pajama drive, which was quite successful with four huge barrels filled overflowing with them, plus lots of money raised. Pajamas is such a great theme because people can go as crazy with it as they like, or just wear some pajamas. I don't have a full set, so I did pajama pants, my astronaut cat shirt, my robe, and a sleep mask. I really wish I hadn't tossed my old, trashed duck slippers, it would have been great to wear them one last time.


Those guys behind me got engaged! I normally hate public proposals, but somehow it feels different when you're in the middle of hundreds of people cheering and the couple is crying.

Bingo was fun except for the extra long break while the queens who hosted did a costume change. Thankfully someone took advantage of the option to sponsor a message to be read over the sound system to let them know they were doing a great job but needed to pick up the pace.

I think everyone was wiped out and grumpy anyway because they keep it pretty warm in the senior center where it was held, which was packed.

Sunday was a nice walk at Langus and my piece for Live in Everett about it came out this week.


Did some short walks in the dark Monday and yesterday down at Edgewater Beach, and between the two days, only took one photo Monday. I was going to set up a time lapse today, but the camera batteries were dead.


That worked out fine, because my ankle was feeling pretty pushed to the limit after so many walks with no swims thanks to the tattoo healing time.

My early call Tuesday is now even earlier! 6:30. I stayed in.

Yesterday was a clear day at the marina with some fog rolling in at the end.


I even had to stop the car on my street on the way home because the fog was so neat.


And last night I used our new Instant Pot for the first time to make a lovely batch of boeuf bourguignon, one of my favorite meals. The bread is sourdough English Muffins toasted, rubbed with raw garlic, and buttered.


I was out of tomato paste and rosemary, but it didn't seem to matter.

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I rather like the cooler weather as a nice big stew is perfect isn’t it. Yum.

I like the foggy photos.

Your tattoo artist is very talented.

He sure is! I love working with him.

How was your proposal? Just wondering--

Garrett had had a fun day earlier watching the first flight of whichever Boeing plane launched that day with his dad and later on we were at the bar where we met and that's when he asked me to move in with him and get married. There were a lot of people around, but nobody talking to us at the moment and he didn't kneel or anything. No one was the wiser. :)

Joe's proposal was quasi-public...he knew I wouldn't want a huge display, but he really wanted to do it at Brooklyn Botanical, which is one of our favorite places. We went in January, so there was practically nobody there. He got down on one knee but the only people who saw were the photographer he hired (so glad he hired that guy omg) and a couple of random ladies. Had it been crowded he probably would've had a plan B!

I'm starting to realize I don't even mind public as much as I do when it's a big production being filmed. It's kinda coercive when choreographed dancers and a camera crew are there, ya know?

I wish there were more videos where they say no. }:)

Haha, I didn't know people even did that! The photographer Joe hired was just to document because he knows I'm crazy about taking pictures of everything. Right after the proposal (when I was done crying) I was like "damn, I wish I had somehow gotten a picture of that" and he pointed across the pond to the photographer!

It was perfect too, because there are always photographers at Brooklyn Botanical so he didn't even stick out or anything. But yeah, I agree that when people make a HUGE public spectacle of a proposal, it feels really...icky. You honestly can't do something like that unless you're 100% sure they'll say yes!

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