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On a normal Sunday I might be heading toward the car at Langus right about now, but I've known for weeks I wouldn't be there today. Two years ago I arrived to find the place mobbed, and when I couldn't figure out later on the internet what the event was, I really wished I'd asked around before heading out. Last year I got there unaware that it was happening again, but encountered the crowd on the way back to the car, and had a hell of a time driving out with all the people wandering around in the road. There must have been a sign or something, but I can't remember exactly how I found out the name of the event. Glad I did, though, because that allowed me to put an annual item in the calendar a few weeks earlier to check for the exact date and then put another item on that day so I know not to go.

Most years, that'll probably be a good day to just go to Japanese Gulch or something, but today it was a god day to just stay in. On Friday, I decided to walk the entire marina so I could get a good map to use for a Live in Everett piece, and after those 7.3 miles, my ankle's a little sore. Great walk, though.





My father-in-law turns 75 this week, so the four of us went for lunch at the casino and lost some money on the slots. Actually I think he's the only one that won a little bit. My winning streak is over. Got a good shot of Bella before we headed out.


Most of the food we've had at that casino restaurant his been pretty average, but yesterday's meal was fantastic. They're doing an Oktoberfest special and I had a really wonderful schnitzel plate.



It's a big casino and a bit of a walk for Dennis, so we relaxed for a bit near the side exit where we parked before heading out. They didn't notice me taking this. :)


I really like the cake Bev found. Four types of cake and not too big. I had the carrot, my favorite.


There was also neopolitan ice cream and I normally would not have had the chocolate, but Bev put some on my plate and I had it and kinda liked it! I've been saying for years I don't really like chocolate ice cream because it's never anywhere near as good as actual chocolate. But maybe it's time to try some more once in a while.

Bev was also impressed that I had coffee. I never have any when I'm there because I normally only drink coffee in the morning, but I had a party to go to last night and knew I'd probably be up pretty late.

It was the release party for Smokestackers!, a really cool Everett history book by Richard, my former editor at Live in Everett. I already have the book from the Kickstarter, but I got another copy to give to Bev and Dennis, plus a copy of his book of poetry. They hired Revolution by the Barrel for cocktails, and I'll definitely see if Nigel's available if I ever have that kind of a budget for a party. I don't normally drink whiskey, so I had his Whiskey Smash since I drove myself to the party and needed to slowly sip. I could actually drink whiskey more often in that sort of cocktail.

The party was at Soniphone Records, and the main reason I was there so late was a very informative tour of the recording studio in the basement. The owner Kyle (AKA Johnny Lee Ledford, the first performer), has tons of amazing vintage equipment, including the machine for cutting vinyl record masters, which he uses to directly create records. He can even record on vinyl live, which I had no idea was possible.

Another great part of the party was finally getting to chat at length with my new editor at Live in Everett, Henry. He's not only the blog editor, he also edits the videos, including Banh Meetup and the Fuego Hot Wing Challenge. It's funny, those videos get so many more views on Facebook than YouTube. About ten times as many, actually!

Henry said my recent pieces are killing it, which is great, because I would have written about the walking spots a long time ago if I thought people would be into it. Turns out, they are. I guess we could have timed that a little better, starting a few months earlier would have meant more people wanting to be outside. But autumn in Everett is amazing and they've already promoted the posts using that angle.


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